Mold Investigation & Remediation

The adverse effects from mold and related indoor air quality issues have become one of today’s more sensitive environmental concerns. Health, safety and liability issues associated with mold have been magnified in recent years, resulting in increased awareness by those affected, and increased liability to those responsible. At GEM Environmental, Inc. we understand these issues and can provide relief to all parties.


If concerned your building or home has a potential mold related issue, GEM Environmental, Inc. can investigate the structure utilizing state of the art procedures while relying on formal training and years of experience. Investigation methods include:

  • Air monitoring and surface sampling
  • Building material moisture readings
  • Thermal imaging (to identify potential moisture intrusion)
  • Video borescope to assist in visual assessments

Upon completion of the investigation, GEM Environmental, Inc. will produce a detailed final report explaining findings and make any recommendations as necessary.


Once a mold issue is confirmed, GEM Environmental, Inc. utilizes containment construction techniques that localize the actual mold spores during the remediation process (preventing possible mold spore migration to other areas). Moisture intrusion sources are also eliminated as part of the remediation process. Incorporation of antimicrobial treatments not only kills mold spores but help prevent future growth as well. GEM Environmental, Inc. has performed mold remediation projects in:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Amphitheaters
  • Homes
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings

We will approach your project with confidence and confidentiality