Insulation Services

A hybrid insulation system can be achieved using a variety of materials. The main function of a “hybrid system” is to provide air sealing qualities coupled with thermal protection at an economical cost. This can be achieved by one of the following methods:

  • Apply a nominal layer of closed cell spray foam and complete with either fiberglass or mineral wool bats. The spray foam must be applied thick enough to provide an adequate thermal break to prevent the dew point from being reached within wall systems (this will vary depending on the climate zone, in the North East 1 ½” to 2” is applicable; we recommend 2”).

  • Closed cell spray foam and fiberglass or mineral wool batts.

EcoSeal System = EcoSeal + EcoBatt

EcoSeal is a water-based elastomeric sealer applied to joints and seams including top plates, bottom plates, around lintels, headers, framing-plywood junctions or any other "potentials" for air leaks.

EcoBatt is comprised of a minimum of 61.9% recycled content, made primarily from sand (one of the world's most abundant and renewable resources) and contains no formaldehyde, phenol or petroleum-based chemicals - Greenguard Certified.

Roxul Comfort Batt (mineral wool insulation)

Roxul Comfort Batt is a stone-wool insulation made from natural and recycled materials, has excellent thermal properties (R-4 per inch), is moisture and mold resistant, an exceptional acoustical barrier, is non-combustible and CFC & HCFC free.