Insulation Services

The Best Insulation Available!

A building envelope is the total system of construction materials and components that control the temperature, movement of air and moisture both into and out of a building. A building's insulation, air barrier and vapor barrier all need to work together to create a more stable, comfortable, and healthier indoor environment. Spray Foam Insulation is a spray-applied monolific insulation system that works as an air and vapor barrier like no other insulation available. Spray Foam also has the highest R-Value relative to any other building insulation material (R-6.9 per inch for 2 lb Foam). Spray Foam is applied as a 2 part liquid which quickly expands, conforms to any shape and adheres to all surfaces eliminating any openings or gaps which allow for air infiltration. One may argue that your home or building needs to breathe. They are correct, but why rely on cracks, gaps and holes in your building for passive ventilation? Have GEM Environmental, Inc. install Spray Foam and help build your home tight, healthy, energy efficient, and let the mechanical ventilation systems do their job properly.

Save 50% or more on your utility bills!

* Eliminate Drafts
* No need for Attic Ventilation- eliminate soffit & ridge
* Will not settle or shrink
* Achieve an air/vapor barrier in a single application
* Easily attain R-19+ with 2" x 4" walls

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam achieves the highest R-Value for any given thickness compared to other insulation materials. This foam is also an air and vapor barrier, eliminating air-tightness detailing and additional vapor barriers. Due to the high R-Value (6.9 per inch) R-19+ can easily be achieved within 2” x 4” wall cavities.

Open Cell Spray Foam

Open Cell Spray Foam allows for vapor diffusion while making your home or building “airtight”. This foam is an excellent choice for attics and walls above-grade; attic ridge and soffit venting can be eliminated (due to the air barrier qualities). Open cell foam is more economical while achieving energy savings far exceeding conventional insulation.

Injection "Retrofit" Foam

Injection or “Retrofit” foam can be installed into wall (and other) cavities where no insulation is present. Injection foam is essentially a slow-rise open cell formula. The slow expansion allows for installation without wall damage. All the excellent air sealing qualities of spray foam are achieved with a R-Value of 3.9 per inch. We monitor the installation progress with thermal imaging cameras to assure the injection process is complete.

Roofing Foam

High-density closed cell spray foam is specifically formulated for roofing and foundation applications. A waterproof monolific self-flashing barrier/membrane is achieved while obtaining exceptional insulating qualities. Dryer/warmer basements and warmer or cooler building interiors can be expected. Consider spray foam as an superior alternative for your next roofing or water-proofing project.